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        Stunning UI Dashboard Bundle

        Designing a beautiful dashboard UI is effortless with the help of Dashcom. This collection of templates and UI elements allows you to create stunning dashboards with most of the work already done for you.

        You’ll get more than 50 pre-made templates you can customize, plus 380 UI components to create your own layouts and designs. Templates and elements are included for both dark and light modes.

        Why you’ll love it:

        The templates and elements are editable in Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. So regardless of which application you use, Dashcom is ready for you! You’ll get the quantity and quality you need to make your UI design simple.

        What’s included:

        • 50+ pre-made templates
        • 380 UI components in .PSD, .XD, .FIG, .SKETCH file formats
        • 200+ elements
        • Style guide including 5 topics in light and dark mode in .PSD, .XD, .FIG, .SKETCH file formats

        Werden Sie ein Pro-Mitglied, um dieses Bundle freizuschalten und erhalten Sie:

        • Jede Woche ein kostenloses Bundle
        • Millionen Bilder und Videos
        • Unbegrenzte Downloads
        • Kein Quellverweis erforderlich
        • Vorrangiger Support
        ab 9 US$/Monat
        39 US$
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