How to Create a Honey Bee Logo in 10 Easy Steps!

Honey Bee Logo Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator

Why are we buzzing about this tutorial? This how-to will give you the tools you need to create a honey bee logo, with fancy thin lines and bits of honeycomb. (Sweet, right?) We’ll use simple geometric shapes, the Live Corners feature, and the Direct Selection Tool

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How to Quickly Create Realistic Lens Flare Vectors in Adobe Illustrator!

lens flare vector tutorial

Today we'll learn how to create lens flare vectors with transparent backgrounds! We'll do this using simple vector objects, blending modes, and the Flare Tool. Want a simple lens flare for your next illustration? If so, this easy tutorial has you covered. Let's get started! 

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How To Design a Seamless Avocado Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

How to design a seamless avocado pattern with Adobe Illustrator

Trying to design a pattern by yourself can be the pits. But in this tutorial, we'll go over easy, effective ways to create a flat-style avocado pattern using simple geometric shapes and Adobe Illustrator's Pattern Tool. We'll build a vivid and diverse seamless pattern, adding leaves and other yummy elements. Let's get started!

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10 Step Tutorial: How to Draw a Cute Dog Icon in Adobe Illustrator


We all know dogs are awesome, and in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to draw a cute dog icon quickly and easily, all in Adobe Illustrator! No need to ruff it, either; we’ll use simple shapes to make our cute doggo. But enough yapping... let's get started!

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How to Reverse Brush Strokes in Illustrator: Quick & Easy Tip

How to reverse brush strokes in illustrator

Like many other designers, I love using the Brush Tool (b), but I hate trying to reverse brush strokes in Illustrator. I finally found a quick way to change the direction of a single brush stroke (without affecting other strokes associated with the same brush)! 

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Simple Contact Form in 30 Minutes or Less!

How to make a contact form Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a simple contact form using Adobe Illustrator. We'll begin with some basic tips, and we'll work with the Appearance panel, too. You'll also learn about sleek text fields and subtle call-to-action buttons. Finally, we'll use the Type Tool to experiment with fonts and the Drop Shadow effect. Let's get started!

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